The Only Honest Media Is…

Now U know almost everything
But U are the one who knows least what it all means.

The thrill of the spectacle
Adrenaline-pounding mass views
Control at all costs!
This is low class
This is a sham
U don’t want any of THIS!
This is PROPAGANDA at its very MOST mediocre.
But it fools U every time now
Complacent as sheep to a slaughter.
U feed the beast with ur own whiplash fears
Ur own taste and appetite for views.

The best way is to ignore it
They just want ur views.
If U respond with anger to their anger
They feel empowered with
A false courage
A dangerous morale.

When U ignore it
U turn your attention to the infinite
Especially within ur lifetimes.
Limitless opportunities for strength
Earned by the risk and grit of merit
Earning ur story before the eyes of the Xombi.

The ONLY honest media that is NOT PROPAGANDA 
is that which is prefaced by the warnings:
I have no talent, no genius
Don’t listen to any of this.
Perceive the power which connects U
In the same time and space.

Nothing I say means anything.

Everything I say is meaningless.

Only life and blood matters.

–Eorin Yang