They Are the Clowns We Need

They are the clowns we need
Trying to get bunches of us
Scared enough so
they get to tell
People what to do
Because one is better than many
Glory comes through the one
who is not you
You are the willing sheep
Lucky to not miss out.
These guys don’t know anything
All they’re doing is seeking votes,
views, a number
Trying to secure an identity
A legacy
A return
To quench the burning within them
Survival more important than ethics.

If that is all, they are not governed
By themselves, but by others,
They don’t come from knowledge, but fear
That’s the fall of the Wizard of Oz
Anyway that is the clown’s job
destroyer of propriety
toyer of meanings
amuser, torturer.
Laughter or dread?
Why is everything so empty
When we know everything,
We have all the updates.
We think we know,
Then we live less.
We are full
and forever starving
Your soul being emptied
the vacuum is
We are now non-living things
On the outside?
is dazzling ephemera
of surface gloss
simple strong statements
fashion for fashion’s sake
To conjure the gods
To filter the losers
To bask as saviors
repel time’s ennui
and darkness.

Morals, the soul-giving mystery of life
the currency of the human
eternal present.

There is no darkness without
That which is matter
In the surrounding stars
Also composes us
Comprising our elements
The search outward
drifts within
To become nothing
is everything and
Your mind becomes empty
Your heart becomes full
Your body touches god
In the dance
With the Dragon
death becomes life
A nu taiji

–Eorin Yang