Recruiting You from All Walks of Life!

Recruiting talent
From all walks of life!

You know you need more leaders
The ones you have now, they’re ok
But you are hungry for MORE.
You gotta look in places, 
You would never think to look.
You gotta look in every single place,
Asking what can one do for Ü?
Then you decide.

Not only are Ü special 
As in the entire herd of general people.
Ü are the very one,
At this time, in this very place!
Just as everyone else is that one,
In the very place, at a given time.
Can you see how the universe
Can accommodate everyone 
In a non-exclusive way?

You think you’re normal.
You think everyone else is crazy.
You think they’re all having this never-ending sex party
To which you are not invited,
They, fulfilling every last fantasy and fetish, and
Shitting on images of you all along the way.
That’s what the internet wants you to believe!

i is the same as i. 
The media has led you to think otherwise.
Just as you say the media is false
They have already been effective
In turning i against i.

You think Ü have a struggle?
Ü will find a lot of like-minded individuals
Whom Ü can learn from, and
Engage against a common enemy…
The Zillionaire.

Them who worship money and sacrifice flesh, 
We call it zombies… with a Z.
They who think schmoozing is work, 
Traveling to high-level talks with important people,
Taking rights and money from others is hard work.

This small fraction of a percentage,
They convince you they consist of the
Only talent pool in the entire world,
Because they live in a bubble
A bubble of fear.

The only Good Zillionaire,
Is the Anti-Zillionaire.
The bad ones want you to want their life.
Wearing fancy things, buying excessive objects,
Schmoozing and being a douchebag.
That is not a life!
That’s a pathetic existence
If you can call it that.

Relativism is the Zillionaire’s deception.
What if they lose their zillion-dollar status?
That third Michellin star?
Mono-eye in the stock market?
Their identities are no longer human.
They have lost depth of perception
They have no more taste for life.
And you feel sorry for them
Because their actions come from 
That religious fear of oblivion.

Power comes in many forms.
The human heart beats
Three billion times in a lifetime.
You are Billionaires already
Real Human Billionaires.

Ü must do this for their own good.
Segregation has made them afraid
Of things that go bump in the night
Of the loss of perceived control
That only control could be powerful
Like the power they never understood to begin with
Because that is not a unique power.

Ü must do this for their own good.
It is the universal virtue Ü gain
When Ü are abused by those in control.
Most of the world lives 
Without control. 
Your pain is your virtue.
Your virtue is your power.
But the Zombies don’t know this,
Hell, they were not taught this.
They want “it,” without the pain.
But they don’t know what “it” is.
Ü should help them see the error of their ways.

Oh there is right and wrong in this world,
It is simple and plain to every common person.
See, life and faith doesn’t end at a zillion dollars,
Or even a zillion googles.
Where they stop
ÜR never meant to end
Into infinity.

–Eorin Yang


Nothing I say means anything

Everything I say is meaningless

Only life and blood matters.