Manifest Cinema Destiny

I’m not trying to act like I got something against tradition. As if… I didn’t watch a hearty cross-section of cinema, through varied times and cultures. Don’t effin’ get me wrong, I’m a cinephilin’ mothafucka, muthafucka!

But think about it. Cinema no longer belongs to the ordained few (some who inherited it, some who made their way into it). The gatekeepers, there are no more gatekeepers. There are too many gates.

It’s not enough to know about movies, and how beautiful they are as cinema. It’s not enough if U don’t know about the present objective reality, either through science or experiences.

U used to be the expert on things, who could tell what is good cinema. That is until I was opened to the world… where finally the rest of I, got to see even the tiniest bit of self in the mirror.

That I is awoken from zombie slumber, I don’t have to listen to what U tell is good anymore. There’s all this other shit, I’m finally seeing for the first time.

Ur voice is now blending in with the background.

I’m hearing new sounds, seeing new thoughts, feeling new imaginations.

I can’t be bound to the drab and boring. I’m soaring to new heights with this new draft manifest.

I do not feel bad for U. It was a good, long run. Anyone would feel proud. U will enter a new cycle of life.

Now is the time to enjoy I self.

–Eorin Yang