New Ponzi City

Watch this FUCKING movie!!!”

Go with the anger
This is what I learned from watching Seinfeld’s new shit
Comedy is anti-pretentiousness, anti-pretension

Which I love that
Because I get it 
I’m from long island
A long islander
Who happen to be new Yorkers
We don’t fuck around
We know what’s a sham
What’s a street hustle
The ol’ Tammany Hall, Boss Tweed, a little R. Moses to go around
Quasi-governmental mafia-esque bullshit
False prophets capitalism.
A fucking ponzi scheme.

If ever there was a place for Ponzi schemes
New York dreams is a ponzi scheme.
We see it time and time again
Every generation, yet we never learn
We don’t self-educate, just group like sheep.

The locals we smell that shit from all boroughs and suburbs
And the one place a true New Yorker avoids 
Like a heaping pile of jurassic cow dung
Is midtown Manhattan.
A place where shit don’t make sense, traffic patterns, prices, and not even for anything cool.
Just for losers who identify themselves by mono-eye, or mon-eye, or money…
Because you got a bunch of incompetent, 
Mediocre ponzi schemers whom we pay~
Who think they’re better than everyone else.

They can’t fool us,
We’re more naturals on our own turf than they are.
What they got
It’s for the tourists,
It’s a tourist trap.
We keep it real.
We just avoid that holy pretentious shit.
We are the underbelly of the New York spirit.

But so you want a make people laugh?
That’s fucking pretentious
“You didn’t think that was fucking funny?”
“Leave me alone!!!
I don’t know wanta fucking laugh!!”
It’s not what I’m saying
It’s the effect that I need it to have.
Then, it’s all in the delivery
Where I make you like me
I make you love me
‘He’s fucking talented man!’
Like I have some fucking God-given right
That’s a fucking pretentious meng.

“This is the world as I see it.
Now shut the fuck up.
And laugh damn it, LAUGH!
Now shut the fuck up!”
That’s New York!
That’s our north American dream?
That’s our ponzi scheme.
“You know who I am???”
That’s right
I’m a true New Yorker,
A native in the land.

–Eorin Yang