Hoffstot S+P Counts Down 99 Days to First-Ever Asian American Feature VR Experience & Theatrical Release: November 15th, 2019 – Globally

Brooklyn— August 8, 2019 — The first Asian American feature-length VR experience, XIMBI XOMBIX releases globally in theaters and the VR Web on November 15th, 2019, along with the “XXX” soundtrack album.

Says director Sand O’Man, the self-proclaimed American Ozu of VR, “As the money humans chase conventional strategies of ultra-expensive quality, cgi and star-power, the people hunger for live-action adult stories using the new immersive technology, which is more akin to real-time theater, a medium since even ancient times.”

Domestic & International Acclaim

Drawing on post-colonial themes and the raw edges of grunge, K-pop and reggae, Sand O’Man presents a rugged social commentary on the smart stupidity of popular culture, blending digital formats from 8K to 720p, including rarely seen 360º angles. After picking up awards at international film festivals in Europe, Ximbi XombiX returns to release on American soil at commercial cinema’s epicenter, Los Angeles. Hoffstot Sound & Pictures has decided for the web version to be exclusively VR, available worldwide.

Ximbi XombiX grew grassroots credibility via its Kickstarter campaign as a Staff Pick in 2015, launched along with the demo soundtrack album ‘Simbi_Xombiez!’ Of the movie, “I appreciated all moments and scenes for different reasons,” wrote one anonymous audience member attending KAFFNY’s theatrical premiere at Brooklyn’s Made in NY Media Center.

Ximbi XombiX Availability

A special theatrical version of the movie shall release at the intersection of independent, studio & foreign cinema, Laemmle Music Hall theater in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Audiences shall receive a Special Gift. Limited Edition T-shirts, VR Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs), Movie&Music Thumbdrives shall be available for purchase, with discounted rates for audiences, mailing list subscribers, and ÜR Key members.

The VR experience releases on the worldwide Web for free download, day & date of the theatrical run, by tapping into Über Reality® at www.URtheater.com. ÜR Key member exclusives are available with purchase of “XXX” soundtrack album or Sand O’Man fan badge on ujomusic.com, using only Ethereum, also releasing November 15.

Founded in 2007, Hoffstot Sound + Pictures (HS+P) is the leader in the emerging industry of nü cinema, offering a wide range of products and services designed to enhance audience participation with expanded copyright features on its Über Reality® platform.


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For more information, press only:
Dave K. info@hoffstot.com

Trailer & Soundtrack:
www.URtheater.com ‘Are ÜR?’

www.Laemmle.com ‘Ximbi XombiX’