'Those Tears I Stole From You' [Official MV] - SheepPsyche (feat. Sand O' Man)

Who loves commitment?

2nd new release from Sand O' Man 샌드오맨 + SheepPsyche:
'Those Tears I Stole From You' MV

Produced by Dae Kim and John Chang
Recorded by Lou Gimenez at The Music Lab Studio
Mixed and mastered by Hoffstot Sound & Pictures
Music by John Chang
Lyrics by Dae Kim

Sand O' Man 샌드오맨 - Vocals
John Chang - Guitars
Rich Atkins - Bass
Kevin Zubek - Drums

For some real fool
Controls you…
Enthralls you right now.

Want to be somewhere else,

For crawling to some one new,
Controls you…
Enforce you…

Wanna be somewhere else,
The season…
The reason right now!

Those tears I cried for myself,
Are tears I stole from you.
When all is lost in my life,
Who knows why you had cared for me?

‘m I decent and heaven sent?
Confiding this story…

For my generation’s debt,
I’m falling…
Sky high and flyin’!

Am I living common sense?
The trust you…
The force you portray.
My generation’s gone,
We’re lost and
Accostin’ you senseless!

Those tears I cried for myself,
S-so silently I storm…
Am I def’nitely crazy right now?
‘M I los-ing, ’m I losin’ it???


I’m dyin’ away
I’ve lost that promised feeling
I’m flyin’ away
Across the silent ceiling

I’m dyin’ today
I’ve lost that will to feel it
Now, everybody knows (I’m dyin’ to see)
Not you!!