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Enter the Portal to Über Reality:


Last night on Halloween, a portal opened to another Üniverse...

What good is virtual reality, augmented reality or 'x' reality, when the economic reality remains unchanged?

Xcape to an alternative Üniverse, where Ü and i are the same...

In Über Reality, Ü can take an action beyond money, and receive ÜR Ticket unique to Ü:

WHO?   Ü

WHAT?   Better get ÜR Ticket

HOW?   Watch "XIMBI XOMBI X" entirely on a headset – free!*
(gear vr or daydream recommended) 

WHEN?   Starting Halloween! (ÜR updates)


WHY?   ÜR Ticket is numbered and unlocks (features roll out through the holidays!): 

  • ÜR Badge (Music)
  • ÜR Key (Copyright Usage)
  • ÜR Character (Social Interaction)

*To show proof, Ü must answer one question, where there is no wrong answer. 
**cast/crew/funders receive first set!

Privacy policy: Ü only provide information for transactions, Ü do not receive marketing emails, Ü must come to for marketing notifications. Otherwise, we could care less who you are in regular reality.

Copyright policy: updated for our ÜR Key feature release for 12/21 Solstice and Holiday Season.

email signup: subject, "signup" to (for press only)