Why Über Reality?


Über Reality® is a new dimension designed to inspire cinema authorship globally by granting audiences decentralized copyright access to adapt new versions of existing works.




Über Reality is a web distribution channel originally created to exhibit "Ximbi XombiX", the first fiction feature and "Rise On Up L.A.!", the first nonfiction saga, by the same Author.

Although "Gangnam Style" became a worldwide viral rage, traditional video platforms could not transform the global cinema phenomenon into an educational dialogue between authors and audiences.

The Author imagined a distributed universe where human audiences would be encouraged to author derivative content, even for commercial purposes non-exclusively, ültimately empowering life.

This could be a model for other Authors to become masters of their own universes, to catalyze others, then intersecting, obviating the dependence on traditional distribution, and creating the broadest use of the human webchain. 

"With the rise of AI, the purest human souls, unaffected by fear driven by fiat money, could learn to become quantum testaments of value, even attain a gateway to immortality." – ÜR




His bio is quite inconsequential... David Kim is a Korean American from Long Island, NY, from the gateway generation among the last of X and first of Y. Enthralled by his childhood idol's smashing guitar, and his grandmother’s folk pansori, he finds pretension and power boring. With that spirit, he believes in a new individualized way to participate in entertainment, called Über Reality, where his character Sand O’ Man performs exclusively in VR. "Whereas the internet era began and ended with the ego of i, the next generation of the worldwide web begins with i + i, or Ü."