Why Choose Über Reality?


Über Reality® is a universe designed to inspire new authorship globally, by granting audiences copyright privileges, incentivized  by an honor system. 




Über Reality is a web channel originally created to exhibit "Mystery of Simbi_Xombies", the debut feature legend and "Rise On Up '92", the debut documentary saga, by cinema author David Kim.

Although "Gangnam Style" videos became a worldwide viral rage, the traditional video platforms could not transform the global phenomenon into a soul-enabling dialogue between authors and audiences, beyond the gimmick.

David Kim imagined an alternative universe where audiences would be enabled as authors to produce derivative content, legally and even for commercial  purposes (with 'share-alike' attribution).

This could be a model for all authors to become the masters of their own universes, their non-exclusive realities intersecting, making irrelevant traditional connections to the entertainment industry. 

"With the rise of artificial intelligence, the purest human souls, unaffected by the insecurities caused by the sole focus on the accumulation of fiat money, could become the highest testaments of value, even attain a gateway to digital immortality." - David Kim

Phase I
SIMBI_XOMBIES, an open-ended legend about music and the web.

Phase II
RISE ON UP ’92, an open-ended saga about the L.A. Riots.

Phases III & IV
to be announced...



His bio is quite inconsequential... David Kim is a Korean American from Long Island, NY, from among the last of generation X. Inspired by his childhood idol Kurt Cobain, he views pretention and power as boring. With that spirit, he has channeled a new way of participating in your favorite movies, called Über Reality. His studio is Hoffstot Sound & Pictures.